Craft brewery

Out of passion for everything delicious and fresh, the idea for our own beer was born. It started with cooking at home, and although it was still far from fruition at that time, the die was cast.
We decided that for our guests, for you, we will brew beer in our restaurant. After nearly two years of struggle, since June 2019 you can drink fresh beer brewed on site at Four Winds. We invite you to taste!

Four Winds Brewery

Fresh beer, unpasteurized, unfiltered, full malt, without preservatives.

Our beers


Lager - alc. 5%, 12° Blg

water / barley malt / hops / yeast

Bottom-fermented malt beer,
Hopped with Polish Marynka and Lublin hops.

Perfect as an aperitif and with meat.


Wheat - alc. 5%, 12° Blg

water / wheat malt / barley malt / yeast / hops

Top-fermented beer.
Dry, fruity with a noticeable aroma of banana and cloves.

It goes best with fish.


Apa - alc. 5%, 12° Blg

water / pale ale malt / American hops / yeast

Top-fermented beer, hopped with American hops, which give it aromas of lemon, passion fruit and grapefruit.

Perfect for beef.


Koźlak - alc. 7%, 16° Blg

water / barley malt / hops / yeast

Bottom-fermented malt beer.
Strong, dark.

It tastes best with cakes and desserts.
Good for improving digestion.